ChromGate HPLC Software

ڤChromGate HPLC Software

ChromGate is the perfect solution for your chromatography data  managementneeds. It is suitable for the complete control of all KNAUER instruments. With the addition of a KNAUER interface module, you can also easily integrate various  other instruments. Even in its basic  configuration, ChromGate offers a  diversity  of  functions  that satisfy almost  every  need, including an  excellent array  of  tools  for  the precise evaluation  of  your  data  or  the  possibility  to  automatically  perform  actions depending  on instruments status like repeating a run or sending an e-mail message. ChromGate's user friendliness is in large part due to its simple user interface and the so-called "wizard" that assist in the programming of basic methods and sequence parameters. Various functions can be automatically carried out by simply incorporating these into a program sequence – from calibration to sample analysis and data evaluation, to complete system control. Calibration of samples is effortless with ChromGate. You can control every step and also edit any parameter as necessary. Whether for single analyses or sequence runs, ChromGate gives you the option to construct custom reports or to just take prewritten templates instead.

The best solution for large and small laboratories

ChromGate can also be customized with available options to meet all of your needs. For example, with the PDA (photodiode array) option you can take full advantage of the possibility for 2-D and 3-D Chromatograms, peak purity analysis, or spectrum search in a spectra library.

Other available options include a molecular mass determination function for use in size exclusion chromatography (SEC) or gel permeation chromatography (GPC) with various calibration methods and a System Suitability Test for system validation where the performance parameters of the HPLC system (retention times, as well as flow rate consistency, peak symmetry, efficiency, and many more) can be regularly checked.

Thanks to its straightforward expandability, ChromGate delivers the necessary performance for large networked laboratories yet is at the same time simple enough to also be used effectively in small laboratories. The logical Client/Server architecture allows for ChromGate to be used from every computer in the network. It is possible to process data in the office as well as to control the HPLC system over the Instrument Server PC in the laboratory. Users and groups as well as access rights can be easily modified from the Windows™ domain controller.


ChromGate can be used in a large network 

 ChromGate as stand-alone which can control
different systems from single workstation

ChromGate sets the standard for Chromatography Data Systems FDA 21 CFR Part 11 

ChromGate provides the highest available level of data security and GLP compliance. It fully implements the guidelines specified by FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for the storage and protection of electronic archived data and electronic signatures.

Other features include password-protected login with different access rights on operating system level (Windows™ NT/2000/XP), protection from in advertent data deletion, as well as the possibility for complete data back-tracking. The method and the hardware configuration are saved with every data record so that all relevant information is accessible at any time. More features include an activity log and the Audit Trail Option for methods, sequences, and chromatograms.


Operation Qualification

An Operation Qualification procedure for KNAUER pumps and detectors is integrated into ChromGate. A wizard guides you through each step to qualification of the individual instrument module and simplifies its validation. The analysis is then made automatically by the software and documented by a final test report.


Solvent Control

Has your HPLC system ever run dry? ChromGate does the thinking for you and calculates the expected eluent consumption with the Solvent Control feature for the Smartline instruments. You can determine by what amount of solvent remainder you want to be warned and when the pumps should be shut off.


Instrument control at your finger tips


Direct Control Mode 

Particularly noteworthy is the Instrument Status window in which essential control functions and current status information are always in view. The most important instrument parameters such as flow rate or detector wavelength can be adjusted from here with a single mouse click, even while in the middle of a run – ideal for method development.



Technical Data



32-bit Chromatography Data Management System with Client/Server technology for instrument control, acquisition of data, data processing, and report creation.



From a stand-alone workstation up to a complete enterprise-wide Client/Server solution.


System Configurations

Stand-Alone: One PC carries out all tasks from system control to data storage, to data analysis and reporting.

Client/Server: Control and data recording are done from a server on which the HPLC system(s) is connected. The system can be controlled and the data can be processed directly on the instrument Server PC or on any other client PC in the network and even over the internet.

Storage of all measurement data on a central server is possible. In case of temporary interruptions in service on the IT network, the data from running measurements is kept in the Instrument Server PC buffer until these can be transferred to the central server accurately.


Operating System

Microsoft Windows™ NT 4.0, Windows™ 2000 and Windows™ XP Pro, for stand-alone systems as well as Client/Server. Windows™ 98 for stand-alone systems and clients.

 Note: Windows™ 98 does not provide for password security and hence does not satisfy FDA 21 CFR Part 11.


Instrument Connection

1 x RS-232 per instrument (up to 2 Knauer Net instruments per serial interface), DAD either by Ethernet or PCI card. Non-Knauer instruments through interface module.


PC Hardware Requirements

Min. Pentium III 500 MHz; 256 MB RAM (depending on operating system), additional RAM required when more than one HPLC system is connected; min. 300 MB hard drive space.


Data Import & Export

ASCII, ANDI standard, and OLE (object linking and embedding) for import into documents of other applications; ODBC for exchange with Windows™ – based LIMS or databases.


Graphics capabilities

Multiple chromatogram view: zoom, print, cut, paste, copy. Mathematical operations such as align, stretch, move, or stacking of chromatograms. Modification of line color, type, and thickness, Full control of annotations for all peak parameters (e.g. angle, font style, size, and color).



Real time analysis of peaks, automatic or manual integration and baseline correction.


Security and GLP

System integrity test of the software by validation tool. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 conforming (except under Windows TM 98), control of user privileges, various access levels, method, sequence, and data audit trails, electronic signature. Method parameters are saved in original data file and are protected against manipulation through checksums. Activity log files for instruments.


Instrument Control

Instrument status display and Direct Control Mode are also possible while acquiring data, "wizard" simplify programming of methods and sequences. Smart Sequence TM feature allows for automatic execution of pre-programmed functions such as Reinject, stop, e-mail notification).



Clearly-presented, editable calibration table. Interactive peak selection by mouse. Calibration curve fitting. Removal of outliers. Automatic peak naming and ordering.


Report Function

Custom reports with an extensive set of options. Pre-defined templates.


Other Features

Solvent level controller for Smartline instruments. Operation Qualification for KNAUER detectors and pumps. 

KNAUER offers brands-name PCs on which ChromGate has been completely preinstalled and tested. Our PCs meet all ChromGate requirements and are at the current state of the art when delivered.


Ordering Information :
Article No.Description
A1456-3ChromGate, Stand-Alone Chromatography Data System (no network functionality)
A1457-3ChromGate, Extension of the Stand-Alone Chromatography Data System A1456-3 for one additional HPLC system
A1458-3ChromGate, Stand-Alone Offline processing software (allows for the processing of data from the ChromGate? Data System on another computer in Offline mode)

Ordering Information :
Article No.Description
A1493-3ChromGate, Client/Server Chromatography Data System (for one Instrument Server with one HPLC system attached, and one Client-complete network support)
A1494-3ChromGate, Extension of the Client/Server Chromatography Data System A1493-3 for one additional HPLC system (additional instrument license)
A1469-3ChromGate, Additional Client License for Chromatography Data System A1493-3 (allows Client to be run on an additional PC)
A1496-3ChromGate, Client/Server Offline processing software (allows to process the data from the ChromGate? Client/Server Data System on another computer in Offline mode)

Ordering Information :
Article No.Description
A1459-3Scan Option for KNAUER Smartline UV Detector 2600 and Fast Scanning Spectrophotometer K-2600 (allows for spectra acquisition from the named detectors with spectra library support)
A1501-3Additional Scan Option license (extension of A1459-3 by one of the named detectors)
A1460-3Photo Diode Array Detector Control Option (allows for control of the KNAUER Smartline PDA Detector 2800 and Diode Array Detectors K-2700/K-2800). Option includes 3-D data processing and graphing, spectra library support with comparison and spectrum search
A1502-3Additional Diode Array Detector Control Option license (allows for control of one more of the detectors named in A1460-3)
A1461-3System Suitability Control Option (integrates directly into the chromatography software, enabling setup of customized system suitability calculations and reports along with a method for maximum efficiency and ease)
A1503-3Additional System Suitability Control Option License
A1470-3GPC/SEC Option (supports the determination of molecular weights via Gel Permeation or Size Exclusion Chromatography)
A1504-3Additional GPC/SEC Option License

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