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ڤEuroChrom 2000

EuroChrom 2000 V3.05 is one of the most flexible, powerful and versatile HPLC software packages on the market. It offers for a reasonable price a fully featured system that supports data management during your daily routine analysis as well as comprehensive data evaluation during method development. Together with the KNAUER Interface Box it offers a unique set of data acquisition and processing features.

Support for spectra analysis is included as well as full control capabilities for your HPLC instrument.

The new EuroChrom 2000 for Windows V3.05 is a Chromatographic system which features:

          Instrument Control

          Data Acquisition

          Data Management and

          Data Evaluation


It is a system with outstanding performance, ease of use and high reliability. The new release V3.05 runs under Windows 98, XP and Windows NT 3.5 or higher, thus ensuring high stability and full support for multitasking.


EuroChrom 2000 for Windows V3.05 features include:


          Data acquisition, instrument control and chromatographic analysis for, Windows 95, 98, XP and Windows NT-based Systems

          Full GLP compliance including features like password protection, original data protection, system history tracking and multilevel operator access

          Highly intuitive and friendly user interface

          Power object-oriented file management enabling convenient and intuitive storage of chromatograms, methods, calibration tables and all other data related to the measurements

          Genuine multitasking which allows for simultaneous data acquisition, method preparation, calculations, report printout and working with other applications

          Diode Array Detector control and data acquisition module is included, full support for spectra evaluation and data handling

          Chromatographic calculation algorithms time-proven and of demonstrated quality

          Integration and calibration with external and internal standards

          Simultaneous data acquisition on 1-4 channels with 24-bit resolution, additional support for 4 analog 12-bit outputs (e.g. instrument control), 18 open collector outputs for different purposes

          Support for a wide range of 3rd party instruments

          Support for spectral libraries, powerful spectral comparison and search mechanisms

          Powerful report generator enabling high quality printout

          EuroChrom 2000 for Windows development process based upon ANSI/IEEE standards and is designed to ensure full compliance with ISO 9001 guidelines. You receive a CERTIFICATE OF SOFTWARE VALIDATION as a part of your software package.





Ordering Information :
Article No.Description
A1245-2Eurochrom? 2000 V3.05
A1393-4EC Software V3.05 for WIN incl. Interface Box
A1245-4EC Software V3.05 for WIN w/o Interface Box
A1347-2Upgrade EuroChrom 2000 Int. Package v.1.2-v1.65
A4733-2EuroChrom Preparative Software w/o Interface Box
A13082Knauer Interface Box (Useable for: EuroChrom2000 & ChromGate!)

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