High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC):

ڤ Fluorescence detector

With high sensitivity is optimized for trace analysis.

The "RF-10 AXL" is a highly sensitive detector for determining amino acids and other compounds showing fluorescent activity in trace analysis. The instrument offers an improved Raman line signal/noise ratio and wavelength accuracy. Light intensity fluctuations are compensated with a new procedure, therefore, minimizing the noise level. Several integrated GLP functions such as self diagnosis or displaying service information (e.g. lamp energy and number of operating hours) demonstrate some of the powerful options.

Light Source

Xenon lamp, 150 W


concave, holographic grating monochromator

Wavelength Range

200-650 nm, optional 200-900 nm

Spectral Band Width

15 nm, in excitation and emission state

Wavelength Accuracy

2 nm


The signal/noise ratio for the Raman band of distilled

water is 300 nm (excitation at 350 nm, t = 1.5 s)

Measuring Cell

2 l volume, 2 mPa compressive strength, SUS316, quartz, and PTFE (standard), 2 l and inert cells are available upon request (optional).


wavelength scanning is available for excitation and emission, time programming is possible for wavelengths up to 32 steps

Temperature Range




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A0815Fluorescence HPLC Monitor RF-10 AXL for determining fluorescent compounds and trace elements

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