High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC):

ڤ ClinLab Amperometric Detector, Model EC3000
The digital high performance electrochemical detector with flow cell for clinical diagnostics.

The "EC3000" is suitable for analytical HPLC and in a wide range of applications. The automatic functions make the detector ideal for routine analysis. Various operation methods ease the optimization of measuring parameters for research applications. In order to avoid hazards from the connection of ground loops to external HPLC components, the individual electronic components and power supply are galvanically separated from each other. The EC3000 is easy to operate due to its menu structure with explanatory text fields, clear keyboard, and large illuminated display.

Technical Data:


Principle: An amperometric detector with a thin-layer cell and three-electrode circuit.

Working Electrode: glassy carbon in Kel-F, optional: Ag, Au, Cu, Ni, or Pt in Kel-F

Auxiliary Electrode: high-grade stainless steel

Reference Electrode silver/silver chloride reference electrode, refillable

Cell Volume: 1.5 l mit 30 m distance mask, optional: 0.75 l with 15 m spacer or 2.5 l with 50 m spacer

Working Potential: 0 - 2.00 V

Measuring Range: 10 pA - 20 A

Detector Inherent Noise: <0.3 pA

Analog Output: 1 V per measuring range


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A1085ClinLab Amperometric Detector, Model EC3000 flow cell included

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