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ڤ Smartline Photo Diode Array Detector (PDA) 2800

The sensitivity of the new Smartline PDA 2800 is astonishing. High performance and precise optics as well as optimally tuned components prove its drastic advancement. The complete integration of the Smartline PDA 2800 in the HPLC Software ChromGate® and EuroChrom®, supplies a smooth data exchange and perfect GLP compliant result. The basic version includes a deuterium lamp that has a wavelength range of 190- 600 nm. The integrated combination source of light allows a simple upgrade to the “Comfort” version. This version includes an additional halogen lamp which extends the wavelength range to 190 t0 1000 nm. Light mixing follows a special light guide combination that provides an optimal energy distribution in the supported area. Removing the measuring cell can be done from the easily accessible front panel.


Technical Data:


Wavelength Range:  UV-VIS: 190- 600 nm; with deuterium lamp

                                      UV-VIS-NIR: 190- 1020 nm; with deuterium and halogen lamp

Dot Pitch:  0.8 nm

Diode Array: 1024 diodes

Wavelength Accuracy: <0.5 nm

Wavelength Reproducibility: <0.1 nm



Ordering Information :
Article No.Description
A5250Smartline PDA 2800 UV-VIS-NIR, flow cell excluded
A5251Smartline PDA 2800 UV-VIS, flow cell excluded

Ordering Information :
Article No.Description
A4130Analytical flow cell 10mm, SS, 1/16"
A4131Analytical flow cell 3mm, SS,1/16", 2µl DFOC
A4132Flow cell , 3mm, PEEK,1/16", 2µl, DFOC
A4133Flow cell, 2mm, SS316 1/8", 0,5/1,2/2, DFOC
A4134Flow cell , 2mm, PEEK,1/8", 0,5/1,2/2µl, DFOC
A4135Flow cell, 2mm, SS316 1/8", 0,5/1,2/2,
A4136Optical fiber cell SS 316, 0,5mm
A4137Optical fiber prep. cell PEEK 1/16", 0,5mm

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