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High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC):

ڤ Smartline UV-VIS Detector 2500     Compact Sensitivity!

Redefining versatility and high performance. 

The Smartline UV Detector 2500 is a newly developed HPLC spectrophotometer for routine laboratory work. It combines the attractive and functional KNAUER Smartline design with our effective photometric detection system. Besides its excellent measuring capabilities this UV detector features small dimensions, robustness, and high flexibility.

Positioned behind the side-swing door of the front panel on which the integrated display and touchpad are located, the flow cell is well-protected from external influences yet remains entirely accessible.

The entire range of KNAUER flow cells from micro to prep and U-Z View micro flow cells is completely compatible with this detector.

If the flow cell must be positioned outside of the detector (e.g. in an explosion proof room, at higher temperatures such as in oven, or an environment with radioactive substances), the Smartline UV Detector 2500 can be optionally equipped with fiber optic connectors.

The detector guarantees optimal performance with high sensitivity, wavelength selectable at any time, and the possibility for “stop-flow” spectra recording which is very useful for method development.

The entire optical unit can be accessed by sliding it out of the detector, making lamp exchange easier and servicing faster since removing the housing is not necessary.

The Smartline UV Detector 2500 can be controlled with KNAUER ChromGate® orEuroChrom® software, from the front panel touchpad (stand-alone operation), through an analog input or output, or through an open communication protocol. 

Technical Data:


Detector Type: monochromator spectrophotometer

Wavelength Range: 190-740 nm

Spectral Scan: Stop Flow

Lamp: deuterium, tungsten halogen is optional

Time Constant: 0.1/ 0.2/ 0.5/ 1.0/ 2.0/ 5.0/ 10.0 s

GLP Report: e.g. total lamp operating time, lamp ignitions

Analog Output (Integrator): +/- 1V (scalable increments from

10-4 to 10AU)

Control: RS232, remote control strip, touchpad

Power Supply:  90-260V, 47-63Hz                                                        


All flow cells mentioned below are also available in PEEK (except models with 10 mm path length, Ľ” connectors, and micro flow cells). A version with fiber optics connectors is available for all flow cells (except micro flow cells).



Ordering Information :
Article No.Description
A5140Smartline UV Detector 2500, flow cell excluded
A5141Smartline UV Detector 2500 with fiber optics, flow cell excluded

Ordering Information :
Article No.Description
A4061Analytical Flow Cell 10mm, 10 µl, stainless steel
A4042Analytical Flow Cell 3mm, 2µl, stainless steel

Ordering Information :
Article No.Description
A4069Preparative Flow Cell 0.5 mm, stainless steel
A4066Preparative Flow Cell 0.5/ 1.25/ 2 mm, stainless steel, 1/8”
A4068Preparative Flow Cell 0.5/ 1.25/ 2 mm, stainless steel, 1/4”

Ordering Information :
Article No.Description
A4091U-Z View™ Micro Flow Cell, 8 mm, fused silica, 1/16”
A4092U-Z View™ Capillary Flow Cell, 1 mm, stainless steel, 280 µm

Ordering Information :
Article No.Description
A4097Capillary Electrophoresis Cell, 1mm, stainless steel, 280 µm

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